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24 - 27 aprile 2016
PROJECT IRAN, Teheran, Iran

3 -7 maggio 2016
BATIMATEC, Algeri, Algeria

27 - 30 maggio 2016 China Import and Export Fair Complex - Guangzhou
Ceramics China 2016

9 - 11 novembre 2016 Jakarta Convention Center - Indonesia
the big 5 construct indonesia



With more 50 years of experience, Bongioanni Stampi is a leader company in the production of moulds and equipments for the roof tile industry, suitable for any kind of plant and presses for main tiles or fittings. Thanks to its innovation techniques and in particular to its sophisticated CAD CAM stations and numeric-control-machines, Bongioanni Stampi can develop inside the company the project and the realization of moulds for roof tiles for any design type and for every need of the customer.

Bongioanni Stampi makes wood and resin models, to supply its customers moulds in aluminum alloys suitable for gypsum castings with our without electroshock or for resin casting coated with rubber-sheet or pre-formed membranes, moulds with vulcanized rubber, metal moulds, matrices, trimming-heads, extrusion dies and all the necessary items.

Thanks to the storage and filing of drawings, models , sample moulds and equipment, Bongioanni Stampi can make and supply all the necessary spare parts of all the mould-tools produced in these years.

Thanks to all our stocks for the filing of  all drawings, models for foundry , sample moulds and equipment of every work made in the years, we can quickly supply tested spare parts.